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web design

Liz Levey – Dublin Based Artist

The following website was built for a Dublin based artist called Liz Levey.  The purpose of the site was for Liz to be able to add any new portraits that she has created, to her site, with ease.  The site is built using wordpress, Liz can update the content on each page as well as her twitter account, automatically through wordpress.


The Project Managers

The Project Managers website was built for a Project Managers company based in Australia. The site is a content management wordpress site, which allows the owner to login, update and change the content as well as the images on the site. The site is linked with a facebook and twitter page. When new content is created on the site, it is automatically broadcast to the facebook and twitter pages.


MasterMethods – Professional IT & Digital Media Training & Consulting

MasterMethods was built for a training company. The aim of the site was for students that had attended a course, to have access to an online video library, of revision videos of what was covered during the course. To achieve this a login system was created, using PHP and a MySQL database. Students would receive a password which gave them access to the site.

The Last Security Man

The Last Security Man website was made to support an online web series competition. People who wanted to keep up to date on how the web series was going, can sign up for a newsletter through the site.


Beautylaine – Dublin based Beauticians

The Beautylaine clients wanted to keep their original design, but wanted to be able to change the content on their site themselves. A content management system was added to the site, giving them complete control over the site. The blog on the site is linked to their facebook page.